University of Genoa and ISSEL NORD: A new subject…

Oct 09, 2019

The empowerment of University of Genoa and Fincantieri Group collaboration   In the academic year 2019/20 will be introduced a new subject in “Integrated Product Support and Lifecycle Management”. An opportunity for the students of master degree in Mechanical Engineering – Engineering and manufacturing and Yacht Design developed in collaboration  [ . . . ]

ISSEL NORD website is live!

Jul 15, 2019

ISSEL NORD’s new website is now live, with a completely new look and a refined and modern design. Follow us on and discover all our products and services.

Specialist centre for logistics engineering and services is born

Jan 31, 2019

ISSEL NORD and Delfi, two subsidiaries of Fincantieri operating in the field of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), have finalised their merger, creating a true specialist centre for logistics engineering and services with high added value. ISSEL NORD, a well-known market brand for over 30 years, will lend its name to  [ . . . ]

NAFO I/2019: Back to the Future

Jan 14, 2019

“Virtual Reality (VR) has been the next big thing for several years,” Intel’s website tells us. Augmented Reality (AR) is also developing fast, adding “virtual stuff to your real world environment,” the website continues, together with Mixed Reality (MR), where “you can play a virtual video game, grab your real  [ . . . ]