Language Services

ISSEL NORD is specialized in the translation of technical manuals and creation of translation memory into any language. Our translation division manages translation work with exclusive contracts on behalf of large national and international groups. Our translation service uses very innovative translation management software as well as CAT tools and translation memory/terminology software. Thanks to our highly skilled technical staff we are able to manage translation activities during the entire project development, in any standard (standard word processing, SGML, XML), in both printed and electronic formats.

Main fields of activity:

  • Industrial plants: power generation, turbo compressors, solar energy, wind and steam turbines, paper production
  • Aerospace: fixed-wing aircraft, missiles, helicopters and avionics
  • Defence: systems and equipment for warships and submarines, naval and land-based weapon systems, guidance systems, radar, radio communications
  • Rail systems: locomotives and rolling stock, on board systems, rail automation systems
  • Healthcare: equipment and devices

ISSEL NORD translation services are certified to EN ISO 17100:2017 (Translations) and UNI 10574:2007 (Interpreting).


Over 1 billion translated words
600.000 printed pages
100.000 translation projects
1.000 qualified translators and reviewers

Provided Services

  • Translation of operating and maintenance manuals, spare parts catalogues, contracts, marketing and advertising documentation, legal translations, authenticated expert reports, web sites
  • Localisation of documents, web sites and publications
  • Translation Memory with company-specific terminology to be reused in future projects
  • Controlled Terminology: started as Simplified English in the aviation field, the application of controlled terminology becomes more and more important for companies with international operations
  • Desktop Publishing in any format required by the customer: standard word processing, SGML and XML
  • Transcription
  • Training courses for translators and for interpreters


150.000 interpreting hours
3.000 interpreting services
100 qualified interpreters

Provided Services

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Negotiation interpreting
  • Whispered interpreting (Chuchotage)
  • Phone interpreting