Simplicio MMS – In-Service Maintenance Management System

ISSEL NORD developed SIMPLICIO MMS, a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the management of all the information required for complete life cycle support, from the system logistic configuration data to the maintenance operations requirement, for the whole fleet and for any kind of equipment.

SIMPLICIO MMS is fully integrated with SIMPLICIO NXT, making automatic initial data loading and management of all modifications to system configurations and maintenance schedules throughout the lifecycle by means of the in-service data feedback process, managed according to the S5000F specification.

SIMPLICIO MMS can be installed either in a stand-alone or in an intranet/internet configuration. Its modular and flexible structure is particularly suitable for such organizations that want to customize the system according to their specific needs.

System Description

The core of SIMPLICIO MMS is the planning and management of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities, based on system configuration management, to guarantee alignment of the operating configuration (required for operational management during the maintenance phase of each unit) with the reference configuration in relation to which the maintenance plan was developed.

The systems integration process with S-Series specifications data takes place in real time thanks to the use of XML Data Exchange based on S-Series implementation. The strength of this integration is the management of the reverse data flow (feedback from the field) in order to enable IMA (Maintenance Engineering) processes. This loop generates a continuous improvement process for the logistics data at the basis of the maintenance plans used.

It is therefore possible to adopt Big Data analysis methods to define more effective maintenance policies that aim to:

  • increase the operational availability of the system
  • rationalize and streamline the maintenance costs

Main System Features

  • Customer in-service fleet management
  • In-Service Configuration management (as-designed vs as-maintained)
  • Product life data management
  • Technical facts management
  • Logistic follow-up
  • Availability follow-up
  • Reliability analysis
  • Obsolescence management
  • Work Requests and Work Orders management
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Warehouse stocks management
  • Integrated IETP viewer
  • Customized reports (extract raw data & dashboard)
  • Customer logbook
  • Life events recording
  • Compliance with S-Series specifications: full integration with SIMPLICIO NXT

Configuration Management

The Configuration Management area of SIMPLICIO MMS allows users:

  • to manage configuration variants (as-designed vs. as-maintained)
  • to manage configuration variants between units belonging to the same class
  • to manage obsolescence (planned and unplanned)
  • to send feedbacks and request configuration changes

Maintenance Planning

The Maintenance Planning area of SIMPLICIO MMS allows users:

  • to manage Work Requests (WR) and Work Orders (WO)
  • to plan WR from scheduling (calendar/engine hours) or from suggested maintenance (corrective measures)
  • to schedule WO operations according to the availability of the unit
  • to manage the approval flows for WR & WO
  • to manage the resources needed to perform WO
  • to perform maintenance/activity analysis
  • to send feedback to request maintenance plan optimisations

Materiel Management

The Materiel Management area of SIMPLICIO MMS allows users:

  • to create materiel requests
  • to manage on-board and ashore warehouses
  • to manage stock replenishment
  • to log materiel loading and unloading
  • to manage suppliers and RFQ

Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation area of SIMPLICIO MMS allows users:

  • to visualize the Technical Manuals with an embedded IETP browser
  • to visualize maintenance tasks related to each Work Order
  • to implement comments