Computer & Web Based Training

Computer-based training (CBT) is training that employs an electronic device (computer, tablet or other device). CBTs can be provided as stand-alone software packages to be installed on the device, or they can be used through an online web portal; in this case they are called Web Based Training (WBT). CBT courses are usually loaded on a Learning Management System (LMS) to keep track of the results of the users. CBT can be integrated and improved with other technologies such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.

ISSEL NORD has been able to link together SCO content and ASD S1000D Data Module content to ensure maximum reusability of the information. Our SIMPLICIO NXT software suite is able to import DM content directly into specific Learning Objects, enriched with multimedia aids (images, animations, video, voice-over, etc.) and exported as full SCORM®-compliant packages, ready to be used as training courses on any compliant LMS.

Check our dedicated SIMPLICIO NXT section for more information on how to manage SCORM® Computer/Web Based Training Courses, and how to build them with data extracted from ASD S1000D Technical Publications.

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