Logistics Studies

ISSEL NORD performs logistics studies in compliance with the standards used in the latest military programs.

Our team of engineers can follow the entire ILS process, from performing logistics analyses that identify the characteristics essential for the maintenance of a complex system (FMECA, RAMT), up to defining the maintenance concept and the single tasks to be performed to ensure the maximum availability of the system (MTA analysis, LORA, RCMA).

Thanks to our software solutions, we can create a complete logistics database using LSA analysis and logistics studies. This database complies to the military standards most commonly used at an international level (MIL-STD-1388-2B and ASD S3000L).

Starting from the data of the logistics database, our company can define and determine the amount of spare parts, support tools and test equipment needed to perform the planned maintenance either for the system life cycle, or for specific mission profiles. It is possible to create provisioning lists derived from the logistics analyses according to the ASD S2000M standard.

As part of the logistics studies process, ISSEL NORD provides NATO codifications for the parts to be ordered, and performs the analysis and calculation of the Product Life Cycle Costs (LCC).

The ILS process comes with the possibility to create user and maintenance manuals in various formats, illustrated part catalogues with exploded views of the parts, and to prepare multimedia training courses (CBT, WBT) in accordance with the SCORM standard, both for operators and maintenance personnel.

ISSEL NORD has developed software applications that can follow the entire ILS process, from creating a logistic database to exporting logistic documentation.