Shipview is an advanced tool developed for the operators training and crews familiarization. It provides an immersive virtual navigation on board the vessel, as well as an interactive training experience. Shipview features include integrated Virtual/Augmented Reality (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift) and 3D CAD, for a fully immersive experience. Through a full-HD virtual tour of every room and a post-process phase, it is possible to recreate the “as is” vessel environment and to move across the ship as if you were actually on board.

Main features:

  • High-quality 360° pictures and vessel layout models
  • 3D interactive model for every equipment/plant
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality trough visor and controllers
  • “Behind the scenes” mode
  • Real-time data implementation on ship virtual model

Trough a “tag” feature, it is possible to link equipment directly to different technical and multimedia content:

  • Technical manuals
  • Functional diagrams
  • Videos of operating instructions or maintenance procedures
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • 3D drawings and exploded views
  • Operating parameters

A dedicated search engine allows the user to find the desired information quickly.

Thanks to 3D CAD models, users can:

  • Simulate start-up/shut-down operations
  • Simulate emergency procedures on the equipment
  • Simulate test procedures for training purposes
  • Recreate fault situations for training purposes

To maximize the 3D model potential, it is connected to a P&ID system for real-time data management.