Research & Innovation

Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field, ISSEL NORD and its representatives are part of the following international working groups responsible for the study and development of ASD standards:

  • ASD SSG – Strategic Standardization Group
  • ASD PSSG – Product Support & Specifications Group
  • ASD AIA ILS Council
  • ASD AIA ATA S1000D Council
  • ASD AIA ATA S1000D Steering Commitee
  • ASD AIA S3000L Steering Commitee
  • ASD AIA S4000P Steering Commitee
  • ASD AIA S6000T Working Group
  • ASD TOSG – Training and Operational Services Group


Furthermore, ISSEL NORD is a member of AIAD (Italian Federation for Aerospace, Defence, and Security) and Team Defence Information.