IETP Visualization Systems

Market requests have driven ISSEL NORD to design and produce ASD S1000D compliant visualization systems, adding a further tool that integrates SIMPLICIO NXT outputs.


SIMPLICIO XML Fly View is an IETP viewer which allows users to navigate and consult electronic format technical publications, extracted directly from the CSDB, without requiring any additional operation. XML Fly View browser is a stand-alone application that allows navigation and search operations within the XML source files. XML Fly View can be used both to visualize single publications and series of publications with the same functionalities of SIMPLICIO IETP Browser. In addition, it can print single Data Modules or a complete publication in PDF format.

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SIMPLICIO IETP Browser is a system designed to view Interactive Electronic Technical Publications integrated with a database, which allows full text search and navigation features directly from the XML source files. The system is designed to manage single publications as well as series of publications, and it mainly consists of the following functionalities:

  • Users Management
  • Project Management
  • Publications Management
  • Comments Management
  • IETP Browser

The use of the IETP browser permits the user to:

  • Manage generated data: TOC, illustrations index, procedures index, dynamic list creation (spare parts, wiring, etc.)
  • Use hyperlinks and hot spots, next and back sequential structure and usage history, history of visited pages
  • Manipulate graphics: pan, zoom, scale, magnify
  • Print publications and Data Modules (PDF)
  • Use advanced functions: create and export Data Module comments, add private and public notes, add and recall bookmarks
  • Use search functions: find text in Technical Names and Info Names, find text in publications, find text in a single page
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SIMPLICIO Web Portal is a web interface that allows handling the production process of a manual developed and managed using the SIMPLICIO NXT software according to the ASD S1000D specification. The portal allows the user to view single Data Modules or entire publications from the CSDB in HTML mode, to refine the list of shown Data Modules using a search engine with a series of parameters, and to print selected Data Modules or the entire publication in PDF format.

The content will be accessed through a login procedure which will arrange the available software modules, hence the available functionalities, based on the rights of the connected user. In addition, there is also the possibility to download the SIMPLICIO XML Fly View software for offline mode browsing.

The software will be installed on the customer’s servers, and users will be able to access it securely through their browsers (Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).