Interactive Electronic Technical Publications

Compared to printed manuals, electronic technical manuals (operation, maintenance, training, etc.) are becoming more and more widespread because they are interactive and easy to use. These electronic technical manuals are referred to as Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP) or Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM) and have a series of noteworthy features:


  • Compatibility with computers and mobile devices
  • Possibility of incorporating material derived from data stored in textual, graphical, audio or video formats in the Common Source Database (CSDB)
  • Hyperlinked table of contents
  • Enhanced search function with hyperlinks to referenced text and illustrations
  • Animated and interactive 3D graphics to display parts and assemblies
  • Historical record of changes

ISSEL NORD’s SIMPLICIO NXT Software Suite is able to perfectly manage ASD S1000D Technical Publications, from the creation of Data Modules to the use of complete publications through a PDF style sheet or an HTML IETP viewer. Check our dedicated sections for more information on how to manage Interactive Electronic Technical Publications, and how to integrate them with data extracted from Provisioning Lists and LSA Records.