Multimedia Applications

ISSEL NORD provides a wide range of multimedia applications, from technical-promotional documents to advanced training systems. Thanks to our wide experience in technical content and multimedia software development we are a reliable supplier of advanced and modern training systems, able to support customers in all production phases with the advantage of having a single point of referral.

Our team includes:

Art directors
Computer graphics specialists
Video makers
Technical authors

The main multimedia software packages readily available are:

  • 2D and 3D animations on equipment assembly and disassembly procedures, graphic illustrations, flow animations, etc.
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications
  • Application of VRAD (Virtual Reality Aided Design) technologies
  • Commercial and promotional presentations and video contents
  • Familiarisation systems
  • SCORM®-compliant Computer and Web-Based Training (CBT/WBT) for both operators and maintenance personnel

Check our dedicated Training section for more information about our Computer and Web Based Training solutions.

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