Training Module


  • Training Documentation Management
  • Integrated Learning Objects Authoring Tool
  • Drag & Drop from S1000D Data Modules to SCORM® Learning Objects
  • Multimedia Integration (3D models, pictures, video, audio, etc.)
  • Learning Objects Preview (HTML5/Adobe FLASH)
  • Training Courses Management
  • Training Courses Packaging (HTML5/Adobe FLASH)


Learning Objects Management: SIMPLICIO NXT applies the same philosophy used for Data Modules to Learning Objects management. Each Learning Object is an individual learning package used in the creation of training courses, and it may contain the description of a specific maintenance procedure, a functional description, etc. This module allows users to select information directly from the CSDB Data Modules, in order to create Learning Objects. The information stored in the CSDB provides the textual information, and then multimedia resources (video, 3D models, images, audio, etc.) can be added to integrate the training content.

Courses Management: The Course Management module allows the user to assemble different Learning Objects, to create full training courses and export them in a standard SCORM® compliant package format. Training courses can be created combining both Learning Objects and Learning Data Modules, applying the same philosophy of the publication management. All SCORM® and S1000D rules apply. This guarantees the ability to share information between technical publications and training content within the system.

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SCORM – S1000D Integration

SIMPLICIO NXT combines S1000D Technical Publications features with the capability of developing SCORM® compliant training courses by means of a structured and integrated development process. Learning Objects can be directly obtained from existing information in Data Modules, linking text and figures by means of XPath managed by the system.
In addition, as training courses usually require more media and detailed information not included in technical publications, the system allows the integration of extra resources such as pictures, 3D models, video clips and voice-over into each Learning Object, in order to achieve the best result from a didactical point of view.
Thanks to this integrated solution, SIMPLICIO NXT allows applicability and versioning management from Data Modules to Learning Objects, technical publications and training courses.