Simplicio ORION – HTML5 IETP Browser

Market needs have led ISSEL NORD to design and create visualization systems which are compliant to the ASD S1000D standard, and are equipped with a tool that integrates the files generated by SIMPLICIO NXT.

The IETP Browser SIMPLICIO ORION is a visualization system which allows users to navigate and consult technical publications compliant with S1000D standard, automatically exported from the SIMPLICIO NXT CSDB through a wizard.

SIMPLICIO ORION is a stand-alone application based on HTML5. It allows navigation and search operations within XML source files, therefore it is a viable tool for both single publications and series of publications. In addition to displaying publications in HTML, the browser can Print as PDF complete publications, single modules, or sets of modules.

User Interface

SIMPLICIO ORION allows users to view technical publications with advanced navigation functions.
The graphic visualization has multiple windows. By default, it contains the text section in the foreground, the table of contents with interactive bookmarks, the search window and the comment window. The user can customize the layout at any time.

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Print as a PDF file

SIMPLICIO ORION allows users to print individual data modules or the entire publication in PDF format, using a specific style sheet.

Search Tools

SIMPLICIO ORION allows users to perform advanced searches within publications. The search window has an interactive section dedicated to the results, which allows the user to select the desired topic.

Managing S1000D Comments

SIMPLICIO ORION allows users to add comments inside publications, according to the rules defined by the S1000D specification.
Comments can be exported and sent to the DMs contained in the SIMPLICIO NXT CSDB for subsequent corrective actions. Thanks to this feature, users can comment on a manual directly inside the viewer, and follow a management process for the comments on the CSDB, in compliance with the S1000D specification.

3D Visualization

SIMPLICIO ORION supports the visualization and interaction with 3D models, according to HTML5-compatible formats.