NAFO I/2019: Back to the Future

Jan 14, 2019

Virtual Reality (VR) has been the next big thing for several years,” Intel’s website tells us. Augmented Reality (AR) is also developing fast, adding “virtual stuff to your real world environment,” the website continues, together with Mixed Reality (MR), where “you can play a virtual video game, grab your real world water bottle, and smack an imaginary character from the game with the bottle.”

ISSEL NORD can boast a wide experience in the use of VR, AR and MR technologies for the purpose of maintenance training. This is a strong selling point for our company, as the Defence world has been making significant use of these technologies in recent years. Advanced technical training now requires simulation of an exhaustive list of malfunctions and diagnostics, along with the skills to troubleshoot and replace a vast array of LRU.

ISSEL NORD has aided Fincantieri in the development of Shipview, an integrated digital environment for training that allows maintainers to simulate maintenance tasks or test maintenance procedures in a totally immersive virtual environment. The tool is based on a 3 dimensional (3D) model of the ship on which 360˚ pictures are overlaid to obtain a realistic digital mock-up of the ship. All maintenance related information is then made available thanks to the connection with the Common Source Data Base of the ship itself. “Shipview allows crews to have an immersive experience onboard that drastically improves the effectiveness of training, particularly when crews are preparing for their first boarding,” Sergio Semplici, Vice President of Naval Services Fincantieri and CEO of ISSEL NORD, told NAVAL FORCES. “It also facilitates the early preparation of maintenance activities and test procedures.” The system has been developed and tested on the Italian Navy’s FREMM frigates, and is part of systems and services to be provided to the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces for the three classes of vessels under construction by Fincantieri.

ISSEL NORD is also currently prototyping, together with Fincantieri, a comprehensive ship lifecycle management system, which includes VR, AR and remote assistance for maintenance purposes.

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