Tech Pubs Module


  • Technical Publications Management
  • Projects Tailoring Capability
  • Data Modules Authoring and Management Aids
  • Data Modules Preview (HTML/PDF)
  • Publication Projects Authoring and Management Aids
  • Comments Management
  • Multimedia Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Import/Export Wizards
  • Support for multiple S1000D versions


Projects Setting: The Project Setting module allows the user to create S1000D projects and set them in accordance to the specific requirements of the project (i.e. language, security, Data Module Codes, SNS, etc.).

Data Modules Management: This module allows technical writers to create individual Data Modules, manage and edit them by means of an XML editor. Data Modules are the minimum unit package of information (i.e. functional descriptions, maintenance procedures, catalogue, learning content, etc.) that can be assembled to create technical publications, or used for SCORM® Learning Objects production.

Publications Management: The Publication Management module allows the user to assemble different Data Modules and create technical publications, print them in a PDF format or export them into either the Fly View, HTML Viewer, X-Browser, Web Portal applications.

Multimedia Management: This module allows the management and editing of all multimedia resources, common to Data Modules and Learning Objects (animations, video, illustrations, schematics, 3D models, audio, etc.).

Delivery Management: This module allows the delivery management of Data Modules, technical publications, DMRLs and DDNs in terms of date, client, RPC, status, etc.

Comments Management: The Comment Management module is used to create and exchange comments for individual Data Modules, multimedia resources and technical publications, to add extra information such as change requests and extra details.

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