LSA-R Module


  • LSA Data Management
  • Physical and Functional System Breakdown Structure definition
  • Parts definition, with the option to read part attributes directly from the S2000M module
  • Ability to choose any Breakdown Element as LSA Candidate Item, and to link it to one or more parts
  • Failure Modes definition from FMEA/FMECA
  • Special Events and Damage definition
  • Support Tools and Consumables definition
  • Personnel Management, Trades and Skill Levels definition
  • Definition of Maintenance Tasks and Subtasks, with the following options:
    • Link to the breakdown elements or parts to which the task refers
    • Set the duration, location, maintenance level and type (core, support) of each subtask
    • Set the personnel required for each subtask, as well as their trade and skill level
    • Set the frequency of each task (temporal or based on usage)
    • Set the support tools and consumables required for each subtask
    • Define caution and warning messages linked to the procedures
    • Refer to existing subtasks across different tasks to avoid information redundancy
  • Import/Export Wizards
  • S1000D integration: automatic Data Modules generation from the breakdown structure and the related tasks
  • MIL-STD-1388-2B LSA-R Support


S3000L LSA-R Management: This module allows the management and creation of S3000L LSA Records and the import of existing data from external systems by means of a standard dump file (Excel or XML), to automatically create and manage LSA-R modules into the repository. Thanks to the SIMPLICIO NXT architecture, the integration and reuse of data produced by LSA and provisioning lists in S1000D Data Modules is guaranteed: this enables the link between LSA maintenance data and information contained into procedural Data Modules and IPD Modules.

MIL-STD-1388-2B LSA-R Management: SIMPLICIO NXT additionally supports the MIL-STD-1388-2B standard, allowing the management of LSA-R tables in a dedicated module, the import of “1388” dump files, and the creation of “1388” export dump files in any exporting requirement format.

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S3000L – S1000D Integration

SIMPLICIO NXT combines the capability of developing S3000L LSA Records with the creation of S1000D Technical Publications, thus simplifying the management of LSA data and allowing its integration with Data Modules.

S3000L – S2000M Integration

SIMPLICIO NXT maximizes the reusability of information across its modules: the parts attributes displayed for the LSA breakdown elements realization are automatically imported from the correspondent IPL in the S2000M module.