IPL Module


  • Initial Provisioning List Management
  • Service and Location Data definition (sequence number, part number, quantity, breakdown indent level, SMR data, etc.)
  • Inherent Part Data definition (size, weight, shelf life, PHS&T data, market price, purchasing lead time, etc.)
  • Hazard and Safety Data definition
  • NATO Codification and Nomenclature
  • Import/Export Wizards
  • Exchange S2000M Data by means of standard Electronic Data Interchange Messages (EDI AMS)
  • S1000D Content Integration: automatic Illustrated Parts Data Modules generation
  • Support for multiple S2000M versions


IPL Management: This module allows the management and creation of Initial Provisioning Lists (IPL) and the import of existing data from external systems by means of standard EDI messages, to automatically create and manage IPD Modules. The Initial Provisioning Project (IPP) defines a series of figures with the corresponding disassembled parts, linked to a series of attributes relative to each item and its location in the system.

S2000L Data

S1000D – S2000M Integration

SIMPLICIO NXT combines S1000D Technical Publications features with the capability of developing S2000M Initial Provisioning Lists, thus automating the IPC/IPD Data Modules creation.
An automated wizard will take care of the Data Modules creation, ensuring consistency between the Catalog Sequence Number and the Data Module Code.